Community Supplemental Needs “Pooled” Trust

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CDR’s Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust provides individuals with disabilities with an alternative to the traditional “spend down” to qualify for Medicaid. Through this program, Trust members send their surplus income to CDR’s Trust and CDR pays for bills that benefit the Trust consumer.

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Benefits of CDR’s Pooled Trust

The Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust assists individuals who have too much monthly income or financial resources to qualify for Medicaid. The money put into this account is not counted against the person when applying for Medicaid and can be used for other supplemental needs above and beyond what is covered by Medicaid. Although the funds are pooled together in the Trust, CDR maintains individual sub-accounts for each member.

CDR’s Pooled Trust is cost-effective!  The $20 per month fee to be in CDR’s Pooled Trust is the most cost-effective Medicaid Trust option available to seniors and people with disabilities.

CDR’s Pooled Trust is accurate!  Deposits and recurring payments can be set up for regular monthly payment, and every transaction is reviewed a second staff person to ensure to accuracy of your payment.

CDR’s Pooled Trust processes your transactions quickly! ACH deposits are processed overnight and immediately credited to your account.  Checks and money order deposits are deposited and credited to a Trust member’s sub-account on the same day they are received.  On average, disbursements are input, verified, printed and mailed within two days after receiving the request.  Statistics on the most recent activity is available below under “Performance Statistics”.

CDR’s Pooled Trust provides you with online access to your sub-account!  Trust members and/or their designees can access their individual Trust sub-account online.  There, you can see current the account balance, deposits, disbursements and pending transactions.  This option gives you current information about your account – just like you would have from a bank.

CDR’s Pooled Trust sends you text alerts to keep you informed!  Members can sign up for text alerts for account transactions.  When selected, members receive a text to inform them that a specific transaction has been processed and the status of that transaction.  With text alerts, members or their designee will know right away when a payment is being processed.

Individual Eligibility

The Community Supplemental Pooled Trust is available to all residents of New York State who have been determined disabled by the State of New York and wish to be enrolled in Medicaid but has a monthly income or excessive resources prohibiting them from being eligible for the program.  You can enroll directly with CDR or through one of our affiliates who will help you enroll in the program at no additional cost.

Contact Information

To enroll in the Pooled Trust, you can email

For account information or questions, call 585-546-7560 or email

Staff are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM.

You can also contact the Community Supplemental Pooled Trust by mail at:

Center for Disability Rights
Attention: Pooled Trust
497 State Street Rochester, NY 14608

Additional Information

For more information, please read our Pooled Trust Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or contact the Community Supplemental Needs “Pooled” Trust via one of the methods listed above. Our staff is available to assist you in answering any questions you have regarding these services. CDR’s Community Supplemental Needs “Pooled” Trust offers support and assistance to people with disabilities and seniors in every county across New York State.

CDR has office locations in Albany, Corning, Geneva and Rochester. You can visit or contact any of our office locations for