Corporate Compliance Hotline

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Help CDR Prevent Medicaid Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Last fall the office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) required that most agencies that bill Medicaid develop and implement a Corporate Compliance Plan that includes activities for the detection, prevention and investigation of fraud, waste and abuse. As fiscal intermediary for the CDPAS program, the Center for Disability Rights (CDR) put in place its plan, effective October 1, 2009, and continuously distributes it to all consumers and all attendants.

As a supervisor, it is important for you to know how to report suspected fraud or abuse, and also to educate your employees about their rights and responsibilities regarding suspected fraud and/or abuse.

The Corporate Compliance 24-hour Help and Reporting Line is an easy and quick way to report abuse and fraud. Simply call (585) 697-1611 to report specific facts about the fraud, such as names of people involved, dates, times, and types of fraudulent or abusive activity, along with your contact information. If you prefer to remain anonymous, that’s OK. Either way, the detailed information you provide will help investigators uncover and put an end to fraud and abuse. The help and reporting line is available in English and Spanish.

If you prefer to make a fraud or abuse report via e-mail, send your information to CDR’s Corporate Compliance Officer Staci Kominiarek at

You can request additional copies of the CDR Corporate Compliance Plan by contacting a CDR Customer Service Representative at (585) 546-7510. Let us know if you prefer to receive a printed copy of the plan, or an electronic copy of the plan via e-mail.

Report Suspected Fraud or Abuse!
Call (585) 697-1611
Available 24/7 in English and Spanish