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Deaf Communication Specialist - Part Time

Employment Type: Part-Time
Facilitate communication for the Deaf program participant with individuals that the consumer comes in contact with and wishes to communicate with, in order to promote independence, community inclusion, and personal growth for the participant.
As a representative of CDR, be committed in all that you do to support, perpetuate, and model the CDR Mission.

Promotes an environment where the consumer feels a sense of inclusion and integration into the community.

Facilitates language enhancement and assists the consumers to build a solid vocabulary base so that the consumers can communicate their needs, desires, and thoughts with non-signing staff and other individuals they may choose to communicate with.

Assists consumers to communicate with medical professionals in order to increase understanding of treatments, procedures, and compliance with medical orders and recommendations.

Facilitates and provides support for consumers chosen recreational activities, in order to promote independent participation and full integration and inclusion into the community.

Assists with communication to facilitate community inclusion and promote a sense of community among the consumer’s peers, and other individuals the consumer chooses to interact with.

Completes shift reports and email the report to an assigned list of supervisors at the completion of each shift.

Brings concerns about work environment or the consumer to the supervisor in a timely manner and non-threatening manner, by way of email or other communication separate from shift reports.

Works in cooperation with the DDSO state staff to ensure that the consumers’ needs are met.

Performs other duties as assigned.
Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

Maintain yearly CPR and First Aid certification training.

Possess a basic understanding of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Ability to comprehend and communicate through written dialogue.

Ability to get along with individuals of all backgrounds.

Ability to be flexible and be able to handle unknown situations.

Ability to negotiate conflict.

Ability to facilitate communication between individuals with no knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) and be able to translate the meaning of this communication to the program participant using minimal sign language (MSL).
Associate’s Degree in Human Services or other related field.

Two(2)years of experience in the mental health or human services setting.

Valid Drivers License.
Language Required: None
Minimum Education: Associates Degree
Minimum Experience: 1-2 years
Contact Name: Human Resources
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (585) 546-7510
The Center for Disability Rights strives to be a participant controlled, cross disability organization that is reflective of the community it serves. CDR values diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, cultural or ethnic group membership, disability status, educational level, family status, gender, income, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply. CDR will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.
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