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Peer Advocate

Employment Type: Per Diem
The peer advocate will provide guidance and support to nursing facility residents who are considering transitioning back to the community. The peer advocate will be part of the team working to make the transition to the community a success for the individual. Peer Advocates are divided into four categories. Peer Advocates are people who receive(d) home and community-based services to help them live in the community. Peer Advocates with Developmental Disabilities are people who receive(d) services from the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. Veteran Peer Advocates are veterans and/or military connected individuals with disabilities. Family Peer Advocates are family members or loved ones of people who live(d) in an institutional setting.
Peer Advocate Job Duties: Accept referrals from Transition Specialists and follow through with the process of guiding interested individuals in institutions to transition into the community. This includes contacting the consumer to arrange a face-to-face meeting within ten business days of receiving the referral, offer objective information on home and community-based services available to residents who are considering transition back to the community, share personal experiences as appropriate, provide support, answer questions and concerns, and develop a plan for follow up. If consumer agrees to a referral to the Transition Center, complete referral information within two business days of face-to-face visit and contact the Transition Team. Follow-up with residents during and after their transition to homes and community-based settings and help facilitate service delivery. Maintain relationships with discharge planners, transition specialists, social workers, administrators, nurses, and other professionals at local facilities to encourage referrals. Regularly communicate with nursing facility residents and write contact notes regarding the topics discussed. Identify and provide information on barriers that impede transition from institutions to community living and suggest next steps to resolving them. Inform Transition Specialists of all the barriers and challenges experienced during meetings with residents, as well as in dealing with discharge planners or other nursing facility personnel. Attend any of CDR’s in-service trainings as well as any other agency-related activities. Attend any of NYAIL’s in-service trainings or meetings as requested. The Open Doors program covers several counties; therefore, the Peer Advocate should be willing and able to travel. Complete any other program-related duties as assigned.
Good communication skills: ability to actively listen and to share personal reflections about your own experience, when appropriate. Good Computer Skills and the ability to do research and provide objective information. Ability to work independently, as well as take directions. Ability to complete paperwork in a timely manner.
Knowledge of community resources that facilitate transition from institutional to community living Good understanding of homecare and community-based services. Successful completion of the mandatory peer training. Personal experience with a disability; specific experience with transition from nursing facility to community preferred. Have experience with utilizing home and community-based services for people with disabilities and seniors or have experience in nursing facility placement. Respectful and comfortable with persons from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Good communication skills: ability to actively listen and to share personal reflections about your own experience, when appropriate
Language Required: English
Minimum Education: High School Diploma or GED
Minimum Experience: 1-2 years
Contact Name: Human Resources
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (585) 546-7510
The Center for Disability Rights strives to be a participant controlled, cross disability organization that is reflective of the community it serves. CDR values diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, cultural or ethnic group membership, disability status, educational level, family status, gender, income, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply. CDR will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.
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