Frequently Asked Questions – Enrollment

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Do I qualify to participate in the trust?

You can have any type of qualifying disability as long as your doctor has evaluated your condition and determined that you are disabled. If you were born with a disability you may already receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)or Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. If you are over age 65 and have only received Social Security Retirement benefits, you may not have gone through the disability determination process. If you have not been previously determined to be disabled and you are applying for the first time, you must bring the Disability Determination Form and the Disability Interview Form to your doctor. Your doctor will use them to identify and document your disability. (CDR can provide you with these forms if you do not have access to a computer or you may come in to our offices and use our public computers.)After these forms are completed, you will take them to your Medicaid worker who will submit your application for public benefits.

These forms can be intimidating, especially if you are navigating through the process for the first time. If you need support with this process, CDR -or another partner Independent Living Center -can help you navigate this process.Information about our partner centers is available on the CDR website.

How much will it cost me to enroll in this trust?

CDR’s Pooled Trust is the most cost-effective trusts in New York State. There is a one-time fee of $200 to join CDR’s Pooled Trust, which is taken from your initial deposit. If you receive Medicaid services through CDR or are transferring from another Pooled Trust, we will waive the enrollment fee. We also understand that for some people even $200can be difficult to pay, so if needed we will allow you to pay that over two months. Some other Medicaid providers or managed care companies have paid the enrollment fee for people as well.

After you are enrolled in the Trust, you pay a $20 monthly maintenance fee, which includes up to four (4) withdrawals per month. If you require more than four (4) withdrawals for a given month, it will cost an additional $10 for all additional withdrawals for the month. Annually, on January 15th, CDR will deduct a flat fee of $50 from your trust sub-account to cover our independent audit. There are a few other fees for certain special requests.

How do I apply to join the trust?

You can contact CDR’s Pooled Trust Department at (585) 546-7560 and a staff member will explain how the trust works and answer any questions you may have. Once you have decided that the trust is right for you or your loved one, you will need to complete a Beneficiary Profile Sheet and Joinder Agreement. The Joinder agreement must be notarized. You will also need to submit verification of your disability from Social Security or the Department of Social Services and verification of your spend down amount from the Department of Social Services.You will be required to send your first deposit of $240 to initiate your trust sub-account.

Deliver or mail original completed Profiles / Joinder Agreements, the required documentation and your deposit to:

The Center for Disability Rights, Inc.
Pooled Trust Department
497 State Street
Rochester, New York 14608

You can also enroll in the Pooled Trust through Independent Living Centers that have partnered with CDR to facilitate your enrollment. Getting assistance to enroll in the Pooled Trust from these local, disability-led organizations is free.

Do I need an attorney to join the trust?

As with any contract, an attorney can help you understand the law. If you need help understanding your options, many Independent Living Centers offer benefits advisement services which help people navigate these complicated systems. Information on finding your local Independent Living Center is available on CDR’s website.

What happens after the application is received?

A confirmation letter is sent to youfrom CDR. We will also provide you with a confirmation letter detailing your initial deposit, including all fees. Upon acceptance, you will receive a fee schedule, Disbursement/Withdrawal forms and a signed copy of your Joinder Agreement.

Will CDR notify Medicaid and the Department of Social Services when I am accepted?

Yes. We will send a letter to your County Medicaid worker confirming your acceptance into the trust (Be sure to include your worker’s name and phone number on your Beneficiary Profile Sheet). It is very important that these documents are received and processed by your Medicaid caseworker so that your participation in the trust is recognized. We also recommend that you call your Medicaid worker to make sure they got the paperwork.