Center for Disability Rights and The Daniel Initiative and 38 Organizations Raise Concerns About the Justice in Policing Act of 2021 (JPA) Not Going Far Enough

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Dara Baldwin

We don’t want a floor we want and deserve more!

Center for Disability Rights and The Daniel Initative along with 38 organizations from 16 states and the DC sent letters of opposition for the weak Justice in Policing Act of 2021 to Congress which is the 116th version. We created this imperative letter to demand that Congress follow rules of order, be bold and create legislation that will actually create change and end the state violence killing of Black bodies.

Two letters were sent to Congress both House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans, as well as the White House. One letter was sent yesterday and an UPDATED version was sent today with an additional 5 organizations.

From the Letter: 

The Center for Disability Rights, The Daniel Initiative, and the 38 undersigned civil and human rights groups write at this critical time to oppose the Justice in Policing Act of 2021 (JPA). The bill does not provide assurances of safety nor the ability to hold law enforcement accountable, therefore police violence continues unabated. House leadership has decided to proceed with a floor vote on the JPA without engaging a number of expert advocacy organizations. There has been no consultation with on-the-ground activists and other stakeholders about our legitimate concerns. The bill simply does not meet this moment, or provide safety to Black and Brown communities that are historically over-policed. This move to fast track the bill also denies newly elected Members of Congress, many who ran on the promise of creating intentional and relevant police reform, the ability to hear from their constituents and adequately consider this important issue. 

(see list of demands in the letter below)

The demands above are necessary because the JPA, in its current form, cannot mitigate nor stop another Elijah McClain, Tony McDade, Tanisha Anderson, Layleen Polanco, India Kager, Kayla Moore or the thousands of others killed by racist out of control law enforcement. 

The current House of Representatives closed-rule process undermines the demands and needs of Black communities on the ground and underscores the complicity of Congress. These actions reinforce the issues of systemic racism and anti-blackness. They are rooted in the constructs of white supremacy found in our government and also permeate throughout the culture of policing. It is problematic that the House has neglected to meet this moment with the care and courage needed to stop the constant murders of Black people at the hands of law enforcement. 

We thank all of the on-the-ground organizations who have signed onto these letters for their continued work and for joining us in this effort to create change for Black lives.

For more information about this work or the letters please contact:
Dara Baldwin, Director of National Policy at


Please read the full letter:

FINAL TDI & CDR Letter of Opposition on JPA March 2021-6