Sign Language Connection Joins the CDR Family

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The Center for Disability Rights is excited to announce that we are expanding our Deaf Services with the purchase of Sign Language Connection (SLC).

CDR has had a long affiliation with SLC who has provided interpreting services for us for decades. We have admired Nancy, Ray, and Ken for their commitment to high quality interpreting services and their commitment to improve communications access for Deaf individuals. SLC wasn’t just a business; it had a mission. We are honored to carry on their important legacy. As part of that, we will be consolidating all of our interpreting services under the SLC brand.

Because we are a non-profit organization, CDR will be re-investing the surplus from our interpreting services into the Deaf Community. We will start by using those funds to expand the availability of our Deaf Blind Support Services. Currently, those critically needed services have no dedicated funding stream. In choosing to utilize SLC as part of CDR, people will not just receive high quality interpreting services, they will be helping support Deaf-Blind people living independently in the community.

We have spent a year planning for this day, and want to thank Nancy, Ray, and Ken for all they have done for our community and for placing their trust in us to carry the work forward. We wish them the very best in their retirement.

Brooke Erickson, Director of Deaf Services
Bruce Darling, President/CEO