RESULTS ~ Center for Disability Rights (CDR) & Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL) ~ June 2020 Annual Membership Meeting…by MAIL

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On behalf of CDR & RCIL, THANK YOU to our members who participated in the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting…by MAIL. For more information, please refer to this weblink.

The votes were counted on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

Vote on the minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting of June 20, 2019
Result: PASSED

Vote on the election for two Director positions (Term 2020-2023)
Justin Alexander                                             Debbie  Bonomo                    
Result: ELECTED                                            Result: ELECTED

NOTE: No write-in names were submitted on the ballots.

Vote on the proposed Bylaw update
Result: PASSED

Vote on the 2020 Officer Slate:
CHAIR              Debbie Bonomo
VICE CHAIR     Gary Meyer
VICE CHAIR     Kenyatta DaCosta
TREASURER    Murray Stahl
SECRETARY     Joe Miller
Result: PASSED

Congratulations to our elected directors and the 2020 board officers. We welcome Justin Alexander to his first term on the board of directors and look forward to a successful year for CDR & RCIL.

The paper votes are filed in the CEO office at 497 State St 14608.

Questions? Contact Linda Taylor at or at 585-546-7510.