Join Us on May 18th for the #CDRchat on Disability in the Media

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Ever notice how disabilities are often misrepresented in the media? Have you experienced mixed messages from the society as a result of media’s portrayal of disabilities? Do you want to learn more about advocating for better representation of disabilities or authentic casting in films and TV shows? For this month’s chat, we will discuss the topic: “Disability in the Media.”four acting professionals with disabilities. Yellow bars said, "May 18. 3pm est. #CDRchat. Disability in the Media."

You are welcome to join in on the twitter chat, so tune in on Thursday, May 18th at 3pm EST. We’re hosting an hour long Twitter chat with two co-hosts: Dominick Evans and Leah Smith! They are the Project Coordinators of the Live On Movement, which is a disability-led project for people with disabilities to see how worthwhile life is. Dominick and Leah also advocate for authentic and accurate portrayal of people with disabilities in the media. Join us to discuss in depth about Disability in the Media!

Check out the questions below for you to answer during the Twitter chat on Thursday at 3pm EST! If you can’t make it, feel free to tweet your answers after the chat! There will be a recap of the chat posted here.

How to Participate:

Follow @CDRNYS@dominickevans, and @LSmithOnFire on Twitter

When it’s time, search #CDRchat on Twitter for the series of live tweets under the ‘Live’ tab for the full conversation.

If you might be overwhelmed by the volume of tweets and only want to see the chat’s questions, check @CDRNYS’s tweets. Each question will tweeted 4-5 minutes apart.

Check out this explanation of how to participate in a twitter chat by Ruti Regan:

Check out this captioned #ASL explanation of how to participate in a chat by @behearddc

Please remember to use the #CDRchat hashtag when you tweet.

If you respond to a question such as Q1, your tweet should follow this format: “A1 [your message] #CDRchat

Twitter Chat Questions:

Q1. What are your favorite portrayals of disability in film and television and why are they your favorite?

Q2. What is the biggest factor, in your mind, that impacts whether a disability portrayal is good or not?

Q3. What films or TV shows featuring disabled characters would you remake with authentic casting or better/realistic script?

Q4. How do you feel about disability being misrepresented in the media?

Q5. What are the myths of disability in the media? What harmful effects does it have on the community?

Q6. What do you want filmmakers to know when casting disabled characters?

Q7: How would you advise disabled people feeling pressured/depressed b/c of the media’s message & portrayal of disabilities?

Q8. What do you want the society to know when reading or viewing stories about disabled characters?

Co-Hosts’ Biographies:

Leah, with dark hair, is smiling at the camera with sunglasses on her head and her hand on her chin.

Leah Smith is a writer, communications professional and disability advocate. Leah holds a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and a Masters in Public Administration and Policy. She has focused her career on creating access and equality for all. Leah currently resides in California.


Dominick in plaid sweater, eyeglasses, short dark hair, is smiling at the camera.

Dominick Evans is a filmmaker and also a disability and LGBT rights activist who lives in Ohio. He is the moderator of #FilmDis, a weekly Twitter chat discussing issues relevant to film and disability. He also currently coordinates the Free Our People Film Contest with Leah Smith.