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Policy Analyst

Employment Type: Full-Time
Work with the Center for Disability Rights Policy Team staff in Albany, NY to promote and secure the rights of disabled people in New York and across the country. Analyze laws, legislation, regulation and policies regarding or affecting the Disability Community in order to develop advocacy plans and written materials to affect system change. From Albany office, collaborate remotely with CDR Director of Advocacy and Advocacy Team, based in Rochester, NY. Collaborate with national disability policy advocates on Federal legislative and policy issues. React to policy issues relating to the rights of disabled people as they arise. Frequently communicate with Federal, State, and local government officials on policy priorities.
  • As a representative of CDR, be committed in all that you do to support, perpetuate, and model the CDR Mission.
  • Develop advocacy plans and strategies, and produce written materials (memos, letters, position papers, &c.) in response to legislation and policies.
  • Plan, coordinate, and host meetings throughout New York State regarding assisted suicide and other issues of importance to CDR.
  • Effectively analyze legislation and budget initiatives that affect the lives of individuals with disabilities.
  • Advocate for the creation of integrated, community-based services and supports that maximize the independence, self-determination, and civil rights of people with disabilities.
  • Advocate against the creation and perpetuation of laws and policies which imperil the rights of disabled people, including forced institutionalization, segregation, withdrawal of services and supports, and assisted suicide.
  • Analyze current and proposed legislation, regulation, and policy in order to determine its effect upon the services and mission of CDR, and create strategies and written materials as necessary to further the mission of CDR.
  • Make recommendations to the Policy Team, Director of Advocacy, and Executive Director in order to affect system change.
  • Collaborate effectively the Executive Director, Director of Advocacy, and Policy Team staff with regards to issues and areas of focus, strategies, written materials, and job duties.
  • Research New York State laws and develop solutions to disability advocacy issues.
  • Meet with various New York State legislators, New York State Department of Health, OWPDD, and other agencies to advocate for changes and revised policies regarding laws that affect individuals with disabilities.
  • Any additional tasks or projects as assigned by senior Policy Team staff, the Director of Advocacy, or the Executive Director.
  • Extreme professionalism and excellent presentation skills are required as there is frequent contact with New York State government officials.
  • Candidate must be able to write quickly and powerfully.
  • Strong oral advocacy, persuasion, and personal communication skills are essential to the performance of this job.
  • Candidate must have excellent listening skills, as well as sound professional judgement.
  • Candidate must pay close attention to detail.

  • Thorough and accurate research skills, such as are generally mastered through a Bachelor Degree, are required.
  • Candidate must be motivated to work independently under limited supervision, as well as to take direction and work closely with the Manager of Government Affairs, Director of Advocacy, and CDR Advocacy Team.
  • A thorough working knowledge and understanding of New York State legislation and regulations will be very useful to the performance of this job. Candidate must have experience using MS Office Suite and ordinary office equipment.
  • Candidate must be able to travel independently, whether with or without an attendant, for the performance of job duties.
  • Candidate must not have conflict of interest or ethical restrictions preventing them from lobbying or advocating before the Executive, Legislature, Department of Health, OPWDD, OMH, DOT, HCR, OTDA.

Preferred Qualifications
  • Bachelor Degree.
  • Two (2) years of experience analyzing legislation, law, regulation, and policy, and working knowledge of disability rights, state Medicaid program and long term care system.
  • Superb English writing skills.

Essential Functions/Physical Requirements:

The Job Duties are representative of the essential functions of the position. The physical requirements for this position are those typically present in normal office environment conditions. Must be able to personally travel within a half-mile radius of the office in order to attend meetings in and around the Capitol. Must be able to independently navigate the Capitol, Legislative Office Building, and Empire Plaza complex. Operational flexibility is required to meet sudden and unpredictable needs. Reliable transportation is necessary as there may be local day and overnight business travel and required of this position. In addition to local business day travel, periodic overnight travel will be required up to one week long.
Language Required: English
Minimum Education: Bachelors Degree
Minimum Experience: 2-5 years
Contact Name: HR Department
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (585) 442-6470
The Center for Disability Rights strives to be a participant controlled, cross disability organization that is reflective of the community it serves. CDR values diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, cultural or ethnic group membership, disability status, educational level, family status, gender, income, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply. CDR will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.
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