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Our team works on a variety of systems advocacy issues, from housing to transportation to accessible communication to deinstitutionalization. If you have a systems advocacy issue that you would like our assistance with call us at 585-546-7510 or email us at advocacy@cdrnys.org or contact us individually using our emails below.

Stephanie Woodward

Director of Advocacy

Email: swoodward@cdrnys.org

Stephanie began working with CDR as an intern in 2008 and was later hired as the Transportation Advocate before attending law school. Stephanie attended Syracuse University College of Law where she earned her J.D. with a certificate in Disability Law and Policy and her M.S.Ed. in Disability Studies. Prior to returning to CDR as the Director of Advocacy, Stephanie worked as a litigator in Miami, Florida focusing on Disability Rights law. Stephanie is a proud disabled person and member of ADAPT, a national grass-roots community that organizes to assure the civil and human rights of people with disabilities to live in freedom. Stephanie has been arrested multiple times while advocating for Disability Rights. While Stephanie’s work spans across all areas of Disability Rights, she is particularly interested in deinstitutionalization, community living, ending violence against people with disabilities, and improving access in the community.

Adam Prizio

Manager of Government Affairs

Email: aprizio@cdrnys.org

Adam started working at CDR in 2014. He spent his first day telling members of Congress to oppose a wage cap for personal attendants. He works for the freedom and equality of all people with disabilities by advocating on Federal, State, and local policy issues that oppress and discriminate against our people. In practice, this can mean advocating for accessible housing in the building code on one day, working to end the use of inaccessible voting machines the next day, and writing about the institutional bias in our health care system on the third day. Before working at CDR, Adam co-founded Law for Food, a boutique legal practice offering help to farmers and sustainable food businesses in New England, and worked a litigator in New Hampshire. He loves to cook, build furniture, and read bad science fiction. Adam earned his J.D. from Notre Dame Law School (2008) and his B.A. from Hillsdale College (2002), and he lives with his wife in a little house near Albany, NY.

Jonathan Dollhopf

Deaf Systems Advocate

Email: jdollhopf@rcil.org

Jonathan was born in Korea to deaf parents. After passing away when Jonathan was very young. Jonathan and his biological sister, who was also deaf, were both adopted by a hearing family in Michigan. Acclimating as a Michigan resident brings life-long commitment to being a Detroit fan in every sport! When Jonathan isn’t rooting for his home teams, he enjoys working on computers. Prior to moving to Rochester, NY, Jonathan worked as a Deaf Services Coordinator in Binghamton for 5 years and has been involved with deaf organizations such as National Association for the Deaf and Empire State Association for the Deaf. Before his move, Jonathan also spent nine months in Korea, studying the origins of his family’s roots. During his stay, he taught American Sign Language to deaf and hearing students alike. With his unique background, Jonathan is very passionate in improving Deaf Education and is thrilled to be the Deaf Systems Advocate.

Ericka Jones

Systems Advocate

Email: ejones@cdrnys.org

Ericka began working with CDR in June 2015 as the Systems Advocate. Ericka is pursuing her AA degree and will later receive a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a focus in Disability Rights. Before joining CDR, Ericka was involved in the Spina Bifida community in the Central Florida chapter, working with other local chapters to inform the public on what Spina Bifida is and how to interact with persons who use a wheelchair for a mobility device. Ericka is a member of ADAPT, a national grass-roots community that organizes disability rights activists to engage in nonviolent direct action, including civil disobedience, to assure the civil and human rights of people with disabilities to live in freedom. Her first ADAPT action was on her third day of work! Though her work covers many topics regarding people with disabilities, she is very passionate about helping other people with disabilities not only live in a safe and affordable environment but also having accessible transportation.