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Peer Independent Living Specialist

Employment Type: Full-Time
Provide individualized core IL services to a minimum of 100 ACCES-VR consumers per year for a three-year period. Deliver a minimum of 250 hours per year of group training services based on the needs of ACCES-VR consumers, a minimum of 150 hours of group technical assistance and training that best meets the needs of ACCES-VR staff and partner organizations and develop a local/regional template of community-based service resources.
1.Deliver cross-disability one-on-one peer services in the areas of: -Self-advocacy/self-sufficiency.

-Reasonable accommodations.

-Rights in employment as a person with a disability.

-Skill development in transportation coordination.

-Training individuals in how to apply SSI/SSDI work incentives.

-Assistance in utilizing Medicaid Buy-In Program.

-Skill development in health care self-management.Attend weekly ACCES-VR orientations and provide information about the Peer Integration program as well as respond to referrals of prospective VR consumers.

2.Work closely with VR counselors, providing information about the program to ensure referrals of any individuals who can benefit from Peer independent living services.

3.As needed by the D.O. outreach and network with other agencies including school districts to increase participation in the program both for one-on-one services and for group trainings.

4.In the first two to three weeks of the program, work with D.O. management to develop a tentative year-long schedule for all group trainings, and a basic outline of the curriculum for group training sessions to: -meet the needs of individuals in the program. -provide group technical assistance for VR counselors on topics they request.

5.Working closely with the IT department, create and maintain a list of community resources in the local and regional area that will be incorporated into a web based database.

6.Prepare, share and maintain documentation, intake data, case notes, and goal-related accomplishments in RCIL's Consumer Service Record database and paper files in a timely manner.

7.Prepare information for quarterly program reports and state and federal reports.

8.Perform additional tasks or projects as determined by the IL Supervisor or Assistant Director of Independent Living Services.
The tasks and responsibilities described previously are representative of the essential functions of the position. The physical requirements for this position are those typically present in normal office environment conditions. Operational flexibility is required to meet sudden and unpredictable needs.
Persons applying for this position must:

1.Be an individual with a disability as defined in the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) amendments of 2006. 2.Have three to five years demonstrated work experience in cross-disability peer service delivery.

3.Have excellent project management skills and the capacity to balance multiple priorities.

4.Have experience providing or coordinating the provision of in-service group training.

5.Have strong writing and presentation skills.

6.Have an extensive knowledge of benefit programs, community-based services, employment rights, health care programs and the ability to navigate these programs and systems. 7.Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 8.Have the ability to solve problems as they arise and maintain a calm demeanor in high pressure situations, and have a strong commitment to the mission and work of the Regional Center for Independent Living.
Language Required: None
Minimum Education: Associates Degree
Minimum Experience: 2-5 years
Contact Name: HR Department
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (585) 442-6470
The Regional Center for Independent Living strives to be a participant-controlled, cross-disability organization that is reflective of the community it serves. RCIL values diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, cultural or ethnic group membership, disability status, educational level, family status, gender, income, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply. RCIL will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.
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