Consumer Directed (Self-Directed) Personal Assistance (CDPAS)

In the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, people who require personal care assistance assume a number of the responsibilities generally handled by traditional home health agencies. The person becomes the aide's direct supervisor and handles recruitment, selection, hiring, training, scheduling, supervising and terminating the aides.

CDR serves as a "fiscal intermediary" which is responsible for maintaining personnel and payroll records as well as billing Medicaid. The Agency assists participants with recruitment and problem solving.

People who are interested in Self-Directed Personal Assistance Services must be able to direct their own personal assistance services or must have a family member, friend, or agency provider who is willing assume the responsibilities of the self-directing participant.

Individual Eligibility:

To be eligible for this program you must:

  • Be currently receiving, or be approved for personal assistance, by the Department of Social Services;
  • Be eligible for Medicaid;
  • Expect to need personal assistance for at least 180 days;
  • Be medically stable; and
  • Be self-directing or identify a person willing to assume the responsibilities of the program on your behalf

County/Region of Service:

Western Region:  Livingston, Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming Counties
Eastern Region:  Ontario, Wayne, Yates, Steuben and Schyuler Counties

Hours of Operation/Availability:

Monday – Friday    9A.M. to 5P.M.
No on call

Additional Information:

There are a number of benefits to this program:

  • People with disabilities benefit from this program because they are able to select the people who assist them in their homes rather than dealing with a variety of strangers to provide assistance with personal care.
  • People with disabilities are able to exercise more control over the people who assist them and are empowered to fire the aide if the aide's performance is unsatisfactory.
  • This program eliminates unnecessary paperwork and excessive supervision of individuals with disabilities.
  • The State of New York saves much in the way of taxpayer dollars by offering this service.

For more information or to apply for services please contact:

  • CDPAS – Geneva, NY - (315) 789 - 1800 or email and enter the subject line CDPAS
  • CDPAS - Corning, NY - (607) 936 - 3519 or email and enter the subject line CDPAS
  • CDPAS - Rochester, NY - (585) 546 - 7510 or email and enter the subject line CDPAS