Accessible, Affordable, Integrated Housing

One of the most challenging barriers encountered by people with disabilities is the dire lack of housing that is accessible, affordable and integrated.  This barrier forces many people into institutions, or to live in unsafe or substandard housing, live in desperation with family members or pay extremely high rents and suffer financially. 

The Center for Disability Rights, Inc. works on the national, state and local levels to develop solutions to this housing crisis.  CDR particularly advocates housing options that meet the combined accessibility, affordability and integration needs of people with disabilities.  Too often we see housing that meets the needs of individuals in just one of these regards, but this still falls short of an individual’s true goals of independence and integration.

Our public and private sector have the responsibility to work with CDR and the disability community to provide housing options that are accessible to people with mobility or sensory disabilities, affordable for people with low-incomes and integrated into the community of their choosing.

CDR has been part of several improvements in the availability of housing that is accessible, affordable and integrated.  These improvements include inclusion of the need for accessible housing as a priority in the City of Rochester and New York State awarding “bonus points” to housing developers that go above and beyond the provision of the legal minimum number of accessible units in new developments. 

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